About Broadway Power Sdn Bhd

Broadway Power Sdn Bhd is an Associated Company of Kejuruteraan Broadway Sdn Bhd Group of Companies which was established in Malaysia in 1980.


Broadway Power Sdn Bhd was set up in the year 2007, and had strived to achieve success over the years. Though young, the Company continues to seek projects that will promise a degree of challenge. The Company’s aim is to achieve high standard of performance and to ensure that the interests of Sub-contractors and suppliers are cared for.


Broadway Power Sdn Bhd’s blend of experience, technological expertise and skill is coordinated in an integrated approach to the construction and development of electrical installation, instrumentation, air-conditioning, plumbing and fire fighting works for refineries, transmission line, power stations, factories, commercial buildings, airport and shipyards.


With forward planning, technological advancement and effective management and the track record behind it, Broadway Power Sdn Bhd has today established itself as the leading General Electrical and Mechanical Contractor in Malaysia, spanning its services across the whole region.


Broadway Power Sdn Bhd is committed its objective to strive for excellence in our continuous efforts towards upgrading the living environment of the people, whoever or wherever they may be.